Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs.

THE BENEFITS of Natural Treatment for Dog Fleas.

These days, the shops and online stores carry a wide array of products for getting rid of dog fleas but finding a natural flea treatment for dogs can be just as easy to find these days. We are spending more than ever on our pets and are making sure that they get the same, or sometimes better, treatment that we ourselves expect.

What Are Natural Fleas Treatment ?

As with organic cosmetics made for humans, natural flea treatments are chemical free and come in a wide array of sprays, oils, shampoos, conditioners, tablets, powders and collars.Natural flea treatments for dogs are free from parabens and sodium sulfates meaning that they are non-toxic. Being free from chemicals also means that the treatment is cruelty free because it won’t cause long term health problems. The full extent of these health problems is not yet fully known but most people would rather protect their pet than expose it to something that will harm their delicate skin and immune systems. Natural flea treatments are also the best treatment if your dog suffers from allergies. For those who are about the world – they are greener and being natural are much better for our environment. However, most importantly, they are still effective at removing dog fleas.

Video -Natural Remedies For Dog -How to Make Homemade Flea Spray.


Dogs which are healthier are not as prone to fleas as the less healthy so first of all, your dog needs to have a proper, balanced diet. Whether it is dry or wet food you give your dog, or a mixture, adding supplements can really reduce the risk of getting fleas. Supplements such as garlic or B-vitamins added on a daily basis alter the taste and smell of the blood making it less appealing to fleas and therefore help to reduce the risk of bites. A sulfur supplement can also be added to food, but is only to be used once a week. Natural flea treatments for dogs contain essential oils including oils from

  • geraniums,
  • citronella oil from lemongrass
  • rosemary
  • lavender
  • peppermint plants.

As well as the lotions and powders, these ingredients can be put into dog collars which slowly release the oils over a period of approx. three months.


Diatomaceous Earth

To be absolutely sure of getting rid of all the fleas on your dog, you’ll need to use natural flea treatments for dogs around the home as well as on the animal itself. There is a type of natural flea treatment called Diatomaceous Earth which is a chalk like substance which binds itself to a flea’s exterior causing dehydration and death. It is being called a ‘miracle cure’ for fleas but should only be used around the house or garden and never directly on to the dog.

Diatomaceous Earth dust is dangerous to breathe in so should only be used with dust mask. When used inside, it is recommended that you leave the house for a few hours and vacuum carefully your return. It can be bought from most garden and outdoor centers. It’s a fact of life unfortunately, that for every flea on your dog, there are probably tens more living in your home so preventative measures and natural flea treatments need to be used around the home as well.

Electric Flea Traps

Electric flea traps can be used which plug into the wall and have actually proved effective for ridding the home of other types of insect such as ants.

Most reviews about these organic treatments show them to be effective and easy to use with no side effects. Once people use natural flea treatments for dogs, they tend to stick with them and recommend them to their friends.